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Auto-Sleepers Gallery

Commissioned to take the interior of Auto-Sleepers for their new website (http://www.auto-sleepers.co.uk/). These were designed to give the customers a better idea of the space, facilities and layout of the motorhomes. Most sphericals show both the main living area and the bathroom. Where appropriate, they are inter-linked by 'clicking' on the 'thumbnail' door or can be individually accessed direct from the main menu.

Additionally interactive 360 degree views of the exterior of the motorhomes and caravans have now been produced. See the Executive Object VR movie.

The Motorhome & Caravan Show (October 2011)

Auto-Sleepers Caravans

Auto-Sleepers Motorhomes

The Boat & Caravan Show Gallery (February 2011)

Auto-Sleepers Motorhomes

Executive Object VR (November 2010)

International Caravan & Motorhome Show Gallery (October 2010)

Auto-Sleepers Caravans

Auto-Sleepers Motorhomes

VW Gallery

The Boat & Caravan Show Gallery (February 2010)

Peugeot Motorhomes

Mercedes Motorhomes